Massage Service

Kanta offers:
• Swedish Massage
• Polarity Energy Balancing
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Gift Certificates



MassageGetting a massage is more than just a luxurious way to relax. Massage is an ancient art practiced by healers throughout time and in every culture. Massage helps to quiet a busy mind and helps relieve the aches and pains caused by stress, it enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow, can lessen depression and anxiety, can improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

Kanta has been a massage therapist for over 30 years. In her sessions Kanta generates a resonant field of consciousness that supports healing and brings a sense of inner peace. As a yoga teacher, her understanding of functional anatomy illuminates and informs her touch.

Kanta’s quiet office is nestled in the woods of West Tisbury. The sound of birds and wind chimes add to the ambiance of this peaceful setting, and helps to begin the healing journey of letting go.

To schedule an appointment, please call (508) 693-2329.

Kanta’s office is located at 381 State Rd. in West Tisbury.